True South Beater Buzzbaits

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When bass move shallow to ambush prey in grass, pads, brush, and shallow cover, the True South Beater Buzzbait is the perfect tool for calling fish to the surface and provoking explosive topwater bites. Featuring a classic head knocker design concept, the Beater buzzbait produces a loud knocking sound as the premium two-arm prop beats vigorously against the head. The Beater buzzbait rises to the surface quickly thanks to its lightweight keel-shaped head and has a heavy wire construction so anglers have plenty of power to direct fish away from cover.

True South recommends using a trailer hook with this compact buzzbait to improve your hook-up ratios, but when fish get the main hook, anglers will appreciate the power of a super sharp and strong 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Black Nickel Hook. Fitted with wire hand-tied skirts for long-lasting performance, the blade colors are selected to match up perfectly with the premium silicone skirting material. Specifically made for burning and high-speed retrieves, the True South Beater Buzzbaits are a must-have for the power-fishing angler who loves to catch fish on top.